What is the minimum number of participants?
Generally 6

What is maximum number of participants?
Generally 20

Do we have to alert our landlord?
It depends, the tasting won’t be invasive and we will clean up everything, taking care of the rubbish

Is it possible to choose the types of cheese, wine, salami?
Yes, a tailor-made tasting, can be requested by e.mailing us: info@formcibus.it at least 45 days in advance

It is possible to limit the tasting to Wine? Cheese? Salami?
Yes, tailor made-tastings can be organized e.mailing us: info@formcibus.it at least 45 days in advance

Will tasting techniques and food/wine pairings be taught?
Yes, before the tasting it will be possible to clarify all desires and objectives

How much wine and food will be provided?
It’s a tasting and not a dinner, however, consider a bottle of wine for 8 people, the Cheese/Cured meat plate will be 120/200 gr depending on the type of tasting.

Is it possible to have more wine?
It is possible and you can decide during the tasting, too. The cost of an additional bottle will be 25 €

Is it possible to smoke?
Smoking makes it impossible to properly taste food and wine

Could you provide me with other food experience/adventures?
Yes, we have the knowledge and the network to organize many tailor-made visits including truffle hunting, cured meat making, cheese making, cooking lessons, visits to wine cellars etc. Please contact us

Could you suggest other Villas or Farmhouses where to spend my holidays?
Yes we have a good network of Villas / Farmhouses / Agriturismi cooperating with us. Please contact us or look to our links.

Do the cheese and Salami contain Preservatives and Additives?
Our approach is to utilize mainly “ clean products “ with minimal additives. Thus, we often provide raw milk cheese with natural rind and we also take into consideration the quality and provenience of the raw materials like milk, meat, spices, salt. Regarding salami we choose products without the addition of nitrites or artificial aromas. Our goal is to provide products with no more than 5 ingredients. Many of the wines we propose are organic and some biodynamic.